Two Poems

Post Op

Then I awoke from dark dreamless Anesthesia sleep

Then the loud voices came back calling

Then the blurred images started floating by

Then I slipped in and out this new world

Then I could sense but could not feel

Then the pain returned

Then the muscles fired

Then the hunger consumed me

What world is this that I awoke to

Tis a world without trust

Tis a world without faith

Tis a world without honor

A world bankrupted by consent forms

A world of hungry superbugs that feast on my shattered arm

I thought they had a conscience but I was wrong

I thought they had a soul but how could they

A Corporation is merely a man made virus

A Virus bent on survival at any cost

Even if the cost is those who trusted them

My Nightmare continues 24/7

Lord how I wish I could dream again

But those unconscious hours are gone forever

But that was 2005 and this is Ten

The world has changed a bit since then

Today is filled with reports and initiatives

Today is talk of stimulus and recovery

Tis a world in search of hope

Yet hope lies not in Institutions

Hope lies not in Corporations

Hope lies not in Regulations

Hope lies in caring Nurses and Physicians

Who care enough to do it right

It took some time but I dream at night

I dream of a day not far from now

When infections only live in ancient poems

Kerry O’Connell, 2010


Surgical Sex

Where else do strangers invade your body protected by mere millimeters of latex

Great is the hope that the brief intercourse will relieve the inner pain

But Surgery and Sex always have a price

The minimum price is a scar

The customary price is an infection

The maximum price is your life

So don’t engage in either lightly

One must always be willing to live with or die by the “unexpected outcomes”

Kerry O’Connell, 2006


About Kerry O'Connell

Kerry O'Connell is a civil construction project manager and a member of the Colorado Health Facility Acquired Infections Advisory Committee. A committed patient safety advocate, he calls for restoring empathy and compassion in health care. He became a Numerator in 2005.
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One Response to Two Poems

  1. suzan-rn says:

    Just found these poems, not only enjoyed them ,I related to them. Thanks

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